Friday, August 15, 2014

What is Motherhood like?

There is nothing more precious in this world than my two sons, Shayne and Nathan. They are tiny bits of Heaven sent from above, and a handful of joy and happiness. They mean the world to me and I love them so much. 

Motherhood is truly a life-changing experience, and it's a special privilege that I wouldn't trade for anything else in this world. I first held Shayne in my arms when I was 20 years old, and in a blink of an eye, he's such a big boy now. I know time will pass as quickly with my second baby, and this time round, I'm prepared for that. When times get rough and challenging, I tell myself repeatedly that "this too shall pass" and try my best to enjoy the special moments that I'll never get back. Like those nursing sessions, cuddling moments and genuine baby smiles which baby Nathan flashes to me when he's really happy.

Motherhood is a wonderful, amazing and rewarding experience. And yet at the same time, it is messy, noisy and sometimes chaotic. But it's all worth it in the end, always. :)

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