Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Adore You. (Happy 10 Weeks, Babyboy!)

 10 facts about you which I adore:

1) You always smile in the morning when you've just woke up. And although I may be tired and grumpy in the morning, I always end up smiling after seeing your innocent morning smile. :)

2) You always try to join in an adult conversation by making lots of cute mumbling sounds whenever we're talking.

3) You're getting stronger and stronger day by day. You love to kick your legs whenever you're lying down on the bed!

4) I love to feel and look at your tiny fingers and toes. They're so so tiny, and are really the cutest.

5) I love the twinkle and sparkle that you have in your eyes, especially when you smile. :)

6) I love how easy-going and calm you are. Once, I was changing your diaper in the changing room and suddenly, a LOUD whooshing sound was emitted from the air-dryer which was just beside you. Your eyes widened immediately, but you did not cry or even jump. You just stared at me, eyes wide in alarm, but after a few seconds, you relaxed and were back to your normal self.

7) You love to bathe and never resist or cry out loud when we place you in the bathtub. I guess you enjoy the cooling sensation of the water. :)

8) You give the funniest constipated face before pooping, and it's really the cutest and silliest baby face.

9) And speaking about pooping, you'll automatically lift up your legs whenever we change your diaper and sometimes even let out a baby laugh. Haha. I bet it feels good to have someone to wipe up your mess, right? :P

10) Last but not least, I love and adore you because you're my son. And if there's one thing I can do perfectly as a mother, it's to love you whole-heartedly, with every inch of my being.

A silly selfie with you :D

After a long day at work, Papa will always smile and carry you everywhere in his arms at home although he's all tired (and smelly). Haha!
A photo taken by your big brother, Shayne. You love to sleep in our arms and you're like a snugly little koala bear. :)
Your cheeky smile ;) We love you very much, baby Nathan!

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