Monday, September 15, 2014

Furniture-shopping dilemma solved!

As a mother of 2 young children now, I've been wanting to buy new kids furniture for the both of them but it hasn't been easy. The only furniture shops we know of are Courts and Ikea, and unfortunately they don't offer a wide range of kids furniture.

So we were delighted when we discovered, a local resource site for furniture shoppers. is a resource site for customers who are looking to buy furniture in Singapore, and there are many useful guides to help customers make informed purchases!  The guides discuss the different types of furniture, and in which stores you’d be able to find these items.

For example, under the "Kids Furniture" Section under their website, there are a big list of local furniture stores offering kids furniture in Singapore. Parents will be able to find many different types of children’s furniture, from beds to chairs and many more. Whether you’re looking for cheap children’s furniture, or more high end models, you’ll find it in their list. Most importantly, it also lists the price range of the furniture sold in the stores.

We were amazed by the different types of kids furniture that were being sold in those furniture stores, and have made some plans on what type of furniture we're interested in for our little ones. So if you have in mind the perfect furniture that you've always wanted but can't find it anywhere, why not try searching for it under You might just find what you're looking for! :)

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