Sunday, September 14, 2014

Photos of Baby Nathan @ 2 Months Old! (And a horrifying morning with Shayne. Eeeks!)

Baby Nathan @ 8 weeks :)

His cheeky little grin ;)

"What?! I'm 2 months old?!"

Baby Nathan @ 9 weeks :) He's my cuddly chubby baby!

Anddd one morning, when I was snapping photos of baby Nathan on our family bed, Shayne started to play with his spinning windmill toy and guess what? 


I was mortified and at first, I couldn't get my hair out of it. But after awhile, it became a funny moment for the both of us. :D

My hair was caught in his toy, and Shayne was very excited about it. It took us about 5 minutes to get my hair out of it, one strand at a time. Baby Nathan just kept staring at us from our bed while we were laughing and trying to remove my hair. Hahaha.
Found this old photo of Shayne (3 years old) in my handphone. He's still so silly after all these years, haha. I love my boys so much.

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