Friday, September 12, 2014

Visiting The Trick Eye Museum, Where Seeing Is NOT Believing!

Last Wednesday, my family and I headed to the Trick Eye Museum at Sentosa as the museum had kindly reached out and invited us to visit their exhibitions/awesome 3D paintings. Just a short introduction on the Trick Eye Museum:

""Trickeye" is derived from the French compound word - Trompe-l'oeil - meaning 'trick of the eye'. The museum has 2D and 3D paintings as well as installations, specially designed for photo opportunities, which trick the viewer's eye into seeing something else. These installations stimulate creativity and imagination techniques through one's vision."

We took over 250 photos (I know, crazy!!) and here are some of my favourites. There are about 100 photos in this post, so it's a real lengthy post. Haha, enjoy! ;)
Hahahaha! My dearest has become a little baby.

Wanna dance? ;)
My sister-in-law and her cutie pie!
Tea party with a ballerina

Small VS Big!
Siblings :D

Caught in a dinosaur cage!!!
And soon, baby girl wants to get out! Haha.

Ahhh! There's a snake!!!

This was suppose to look as if we were standing on top of the turtle and floating along the sea, but it didn't turn out well. Haha, fail...
Sky-diving! Woohoooo!
Monster eel!!! Or Monster snake??!!! (I'm not too sure myself... Haha)

So sexy ;)

Happy baby girl!
Part of the circus show! :D
No idea why my eyes are closed here :/
Help help!

3 tiny babies
With a cute kitten. Aaawwww

Feeling like I'm part of a Christmas card ;)
So angelic. HAHA

Flying across the houses. Wheeee!

Wanna dance with me? :D

Happy baby girl in a baby's cage!

Smiling with 'people' who are rushing off in the 'rain'. And baby Nathan just woke up at this point of time...

I like how the statues are staring straight into the camera. Haha, kinda creepy though.

Shayne saw this statue and immediately said to me, "That's the Emperor from the Emperor's new clothes!" ;)

Part of a romance novel? :)
After an hour or so, we left the museum and decided to have lunch.

Btw that's Shayne carrying his electronic minion/captain america lantern. Happy Lantern Festival to everyone! :)
Haha I look irritated here. #reallifemoment #notsmiling

Smiling at his Papa :)
And soon, he's sleeping again. I love these newborn moments, when they're always sleeping and love to cuddle. :)
Another real life moment. I was talking mid-way, I think.

Molten Chocolate cake. So delicious!

M&M's Star Wars StarTrooper!
Chocolate lips :D

Hello Shayne!
With my mum and a bunch of happy M&Ms!

And that's the end of this (lengthy) post! Just a few tips before you visit the musuem with your family: 1) The most important thing you have to do at the musesum is bring along a camera. 2) Bring out all your dramatic expressions during the photo-taking sessions. ;)  

The trick eye muesum is definitely a place for friends, couples and families to get creative and have fun. For more information about the Trick Eye Museum, please click here. Share this unique photo-taking experience with your loved ones day! I'll definitely print some of the above photos and keep them in our family album. :)

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