Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Some photos of our random happy moments taken from my handphone :D

Good morning! (Nathan's Mohawk is getting longer day by day, but I can't bear to cut it yet...)
After his haircut ;)
Nathan is now three months old! Yay!
Showing me his "soldiers and warriors" drawings. He loves to draw every night :D
Just me and my cool kid.. Haha
My younger sis and "don't mess with me" Nathan ;D
Nathan's intense stare, again. And that's me without makeup, early in the morning! Wheee!

Say Cheeseee!

Listening to his (virtual) headphones and Rocking to the beat of the music. Woohoo! ;)
A beautiful poster made by Shayne and his classmates :)
My two sweethearts hanging out together :))
A (virtual) hat for my little mister! And I think he likes it. ;)
Bedtime... well, sort of. Haha.

Have a great week! 

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