Thursday, October 2, 2014

Choosing the BEST for my baby! (Part 1: Diapers)


A few days ago, generously gifted to us a couple of GOO.N baby products and their revolutionary 360do (cylindrical) toothbrushes for a review. I'll break this post into two parts- firstly, a review of the GOO.N baby diapers, pants and wet wipes, and secondly, a review of the 360do (cylindrical) toothbrushes. I've tested the products on my chubby babyboy (who is currently 3 months old, 6kg) and here's my review on their baby diapers and pants! ;)

1) Review of GOO.N Baby Diapers and Pants

As we all know, the top priorities for parents are diapers that are easy to use, do not leak and most importantly, prevent nappy rash. Hence, the experts behind GOO.N diapers have focused on these areas and developed advanced manufacturing process to ensure the softness, breathability and dryness of their diapers.

Overview of GOO.N diapers: GOO.N technologies in reducing nappy rash!
a) Softness: GOO.N’s Silky Soft Touch Sheet
One of their creations is the Silky Soft Touch Sheet, which is incorporated into the top layer of all of their diapers. GOO.N’s Touch Sheet undergoes a special treatment designed to ensure smoothness, reduce bulkiness and most importantly, eliminate the fibers that irritate your baby's sensitive skin which results in that nasty nappy rash/sore bottom. And trust me, the top layer of their diapers really does feel very soft!! Perfect for my little baby's bum bum. :)

b) Breathability: GOO.N's Super Absorbent Core
All of GOO.N’s diapers are also equipped with their Super Absorbent Core that ensures your baby stays dry and comfortable for many hours. Most ordinary diapers consist of the top sheet, elastic, adhesive and back sheet, and do you know that these 4 layers actually block the movement of air? Thus causing the diapers to be less breathable and comfortable for your child.

But fret not! GOO.N resolved this "breathing" problem by coating the adhesive directly onto the elastic. Therefore, this reduces the thickness of GOO.N's diapers and thus creates a highly-breathable film. No more "breathing" problem from your little one's buttocks! ;) Back then, I remember that Shayne hated to wear his diapers because he would feel hot and uncomfortable in them. And when I removed his diapers for a change, I could feel that his bottom was sweaty and warm. So far, baby Nathan has been using GOO.N diapers and he doesn't suffer from that problem. His bottom is still very dry whenever I remove his diaper for a change and he doesn't seem uncomfortable wearing them. Yay! 

c) Dryness: GOO.N's Unique Materials
GOO.N diapers constantly undergo stringent testing and quality control checks, so parents are assured of their safety and reliability. Moreover, all of their diapers are developed and manufactured in Japan. The quality of their products are guaranteed by their excellent machine-only manufacturing process and this lowers the cost of production, hence parents are able to enjoy GOO.N's high quality baby diapers at very affordable prices! ;)

Fun fact: There is the Wetness Indicator located on the front of the diaper that helps us parents know when to change our baby's diapers. When the wetness indicator turns blue, it's time for a nappy change!

Yellow means dry. Blue means time for a nappy change!
There's also the Supreme Pants from GOO.N which comes in a super-thin diaper design, which fits like real underwear. These “diaper pants” also have stretch-to-fit gathers that prevent leakage and ensures a secure fit while allowing your baby the freedom to move about.
Super soft and secure sides (GOO.N Baby Pants)
No leakage even when baby moves about!

Last but not least, GOO.N diapers are convenient to pack and travel with as they are very thin and compact. Their diapers range from NB to XXL, so you can depend on GOO.N diapers for your child as he/she grows taller and bigger! :)

Quick comparison of GOO.N diapers vs other ordinary diapers

And here are more photos of my little sweetheart being comfortable in his GOO.N diapers :
Moving and kicking the toys above him
His surprised look :D
Smiling and talking to his toys, haha
"Reading" one of his favourite picture books

The GOO.N diapers, which stays in place despite of his many movements and kicks.
3 important facts about GOON's baby wet wipes: 1) They're made of 99% purified water, which is very safe for baby's sensitive skin. 2) The wet wipes don't stick together. 3) The newly developed corrugated sheets keep the moisture within each wipes very well, and creates a comfortable feel! Definitely another baby product by GOON that is worth for value. ;)

Register with and receive a free sample diaper! There's also free delivery for first time customers who buy at least 1 pack of diapers or pants. So you don't have to lug around huge packs of diapers anymore, they're all delivered to your doorstep! Awesome, right? :)

I'll post the second review of the 360do (cylindrical) toothbrushes soon. Stay tuned for part 2! And don't forget to key in the 10% discount code "SBAngels10" if you're buying any baby products from Happy shopping!

A post of these revolutionary toothbrushes will be up soon.

UPDATE (3/10) : The review post of the above toothbrushes can be seen here. 


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