Monday, October 27, 2014

Our happy moments, in 20 photos!

Here are some snippets of our happy moments in October 2014, hope you had a good month too! :)

My (serious) baby trying on his Indian costume ;) Please excuse his cloth diaper, haha
Teaching Papa how to play the piano. Shayne has been playing the piano obsessively these few days and I hope his obsession doesn't fade away anytime soon! ;)

Always hugging and playing with Minnie :)
Maybe it's about time I got baby Nathan a real fendora hat? Haha
Papa trying to catch his drool! :D

One of our favourite weekend spots: over-looking our housing estate :)
"Talking" to my younger sister, and she'll always pretend that she understands him. Hahaha.
We think that he's going a teething stage as he's always sucking his hands. And his mittens are always so damp and we have to change them every hour. #juicydrumstick #yumyum
Shayne, our little helper! Sometimes we'll distract him from his ipad games by asking him to do some household chores and surprisingly, it works! He'll want to be "the best cleaner" and will make sure that the floor is clean and spotless. ;) We have learned that the best way to distract a young child from an activity is by introducing another activity to him, and it works much better than the constant nagging and scolding! ;)
Hello Nathan! #shockedbaby
Deepavali house-visiting with sleepy Nathan and Shayne
As you can see, baby Nathan fell asleep while I was casually holding and rocking him in my arms, in front of the other visitors. Haha! (and that's my awkward smile...)
My sister-in-law's 1.5 years old daughter and 3 months old baby Nathan :)

Little cousins :)
My younger sis snapped this photo of us early in the morning :) #cosleeping #mummyandbaby
I bought this set of Indian Hello Kitty soft toys for my elder sister as she's a big fan of Hello Kitty, and she sent us this photo during Deepavali. Haha so cute.
A beautiful Henna tattoo done by an Indian relative :)
Have a great week ahead! <3

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