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Review of SET Contemporary Cuisine @ PoMo (and meeting the food entrepreneurs!)

A food and restaurant review of SET Restaurant, and an insight into the F&B Industry.
With Mr Raymond and Jason, the two friendly founders of SET Restaurant @ PoMo (located just beside Parklane Mall).
(Note: I'm not a foodie blogger but after much thought and consideration, I've decided to accept and post my review on SET Restaurant as the founders are so enthusiastic, humble and passionate about their food business. After meeting and speaking with them during our dinner at their restaurant, it is obvious that they truly love what they're doing, and prioritize passion for food over profits, which to me, is the right attitude towards entrepreneurship! So here is my review on their beautiful restaurant and I do hope that you'll check it out one day. :))

Last weekend, we were invited for dinner at the newly-opened SET Restaurant @ PoMo, which serves a tantalising array of contemporary cuisine with Asian and Western influences at an affordable price. As shared by Mr Jason, their restaurant is the second largest tenant of PoMo, as it occupies 8 shop units at level 2 in PoMo! There's a main dining area, two private dining rooms and an outdoor dining space. It is definitely the ideal restaurant for large gatherings as it is big and spacious, yet couples who visit their restaurant will feel equally welcomed and comfortable too.

Layout of the restaurant (credits to

Now let's talk about the fun stuff: THE FOOD! ;) As shared by Mr Jason, their dishes are crafted only with the freshest ingredients to ensure the best food quality. Their original unique creations include Mushroom Veloute with Peanut Butter, Miso Soup with Sake, as well as entrees such as Baby Pork Back Ribs, Roasted Beef Tenderloin and Grilled Snapper with Salsa.

So now you're probably thinking if the meals are expensive, right?

You'll be happy to know that SET Restaurant serves 5-set course lunch at only $28.80++ and 6-course set dinner at only $38.80++! It is Mr Jason's and Raymond's belief that everyone should be able to enjoy fine dining food at an affordable price. So to all fine dining lovers who don't want to spend a bomb on their food, SET Restaurant is just what you've been waiting for! Contemporary cuisine made by the finest chefs at a beautiful restaurant, AND at an affordable price, now that's something worth visiting. :)

Here are the (mouth-watering) photos of our 6-course dinner:

We were pleasantly surprised to see that they had a kids menu too! :)
 1) CHEF STARTER: Bacon & Mushroom Gratin with Homemade Toast

*5 stars for this dish*
This was the BEST dish for us. As silly as it sounds, all I could think of when I ate this was "OMG, this is so good". The gratin was crispy at the top and had a smooth velvety potato mash filled with bits of bacon and mushroom in it. The toasted buttered break was thick and good too! It didn't become soggy or whatsoever when we placed the gratin on top of it. :)

2) COLD DISHES: Salmon Gravlax, Tomato Caprese and Pork Floss wrap. 
(The Pork floss wrap isn't in the menu and was specially prepared by the chef for us that day. Thank you!)

*3 stars for this dish* The salmon tasted fresh and was thinly sliced. However, truth be told, it wasn't much different or unique from the other raw salmon dishes out there. Nonetheless, it was still a tasty dish.
*4 stars for this dish* The sweetness of the sauce combined with the saltiness of the pork floss was pretty interesting. We hope that they'll be able to include this dish into their menu one day! ;)
*4 stars for this dish* As simple as it looks, the tomato with mozzarella cheese actually tasted really good! The mini honeydew balls added a sweet finishing touch to the dish too.
 3) SIDE DISH: Grilled King Oyster Mushroom
*5 stars for this dish* This was one of our favourite dishes as the nicely grilled juicy flavourful mushrooms topped with truffle cream sauce was just pure heaven.
My happy mister dipping the mushroom into the side mayo sauce. He kept saying that this was one of the juiciest mushrooms he had ever tasted. Haha :D
Halfway through our meal, we were each served a glass of sweet wine and the wine was one of the best I've tasted! It tasted exactly like it's description as seen above. And if case you're wondering, we only had a glass each, nothing more. ;)

  4) SOUPS: Mushroom Velouté with Peanut Butter, Roasted Pumpkin with Truffle and Double-boiled Herbal Soup

*4 stars for this dish* We were excited to try this mushroom + peanut butter combo soup, as it was such an unique and novel food concept, and were pleased with it. Surprisingly, Mr Raymond told us that most diners found it too "strange" for their liking. I guess the soup falls under the "acquired taste" category and luckily for us, we enjoyed it! :) Just my two cents, I'll recommend sharing this soup with someone as it may get a little "too much" for an individual.
*4.5 stars for this dish* The pumpkin soup tasted smooth, sweet and creamy. It wasn't too sweet or too creamy too, which is good. Mr Raymond also told us that many diners love this soup and it's one of their favourites.
*2.5 stars for this dish* The herbal chicken soup was good, unfortunately, it wasn't exceptionally good. There were too little chicken pieces and not many herbs in it too. Nonetheless, the older diners will love this as it's a familiar taste, and you can't go wrong serving herbal dishes to them too. ;)
 5) THE MAIN COURSES: Marinated Rack of Lamb, Roasted Beef Tenderloin and Baby Pork Back Ribs
*4.5 stars for this dish* I'm not a fan of mutton/lamb as I can't stand the smell of it, but to my own surprise, I loved and enjoyed this dish! The marinated lamb was tender, juicy and flavourful. And as told by Mr Raymond, they only choose the freshest and best meat for their main courses.

*4 stars for this dish* The roasted beef tenderloin (medium) was also tender, juicy and flavourful. It's one of the best steaks I've ever eaten and thankfully, it wasn't tough, dry or rubbery. I like how it doesn't taste too "meaty" too. It's also a dish highly recommended by Mr Raymond himself. :)
*3.5 stars for this dish* We were told by Mr Raymond that their baby pork back ribs are marinated for THREE hours before they're being cooked. The ribs melts in the mouth once take a bite, and you can definitely taste the oriental terriyaki sauce mixed with BBQ sauce. However, we felt that the lamb and beef steak were slightly better than this dish...
 6) Last but not least, THE DESSERTS: Pistachio Panna Cotta, Espresso Crème Brulee and Huai San Jello

*5 stars for this dish* For those who are wondering, Pistachio Panna Cotta is a rich Italian dessert made with double cream, natural greek yogurt, sugar, pistachios and almonds! It was the first time that I've tried this rich Italian dessert, and I loved it! The pistachio bits were just nice, and the cream and yogurt were not too overwhelming. Two thumbs up for this dessert!
*5 stars for this dish* The Espresso crème brûlée had a rich coffee flavour and it wasn't too sweet. It was our favourite dessert for that night, and is a popular dessert among the diners too!
*3 stars for this dish* The Huai San Jelly tasted similar to Cheng Teng and is a well-liked dessert among the health-conscious diners and older diners. Truthfully, it isn't as unique or special as the other two desserts (Pistachio Panna Cotta and Espresso Crème Brûlée). However, Mr Raymond said that he didn't want all of his desserts "to be too rich and creamy", and hence he included this Chinese dessert into one of the menu's desserts. :)

Smiling with Mr Raymond and Jason! Thank you for the hospitality and wonderful dinner! :)
 And that concludes our 6 course dinner at SET Restaurant @ PoMo. During our dinner, Mr Raymond shared with us some of his experiences being a food entrepreneur, and we certainly gained some insight into the F&B industry in Singapore. We learnt that labour/staff issue is definitely the top challenge in the F&B industry. Nevertheless, he has been in the F&B industry for about 10 years and has previously worked in other countries such as Melbourne. As such, it is very clear that he has the relevant experience and knowledge in this industry. Furthermore, Mr Raymond is also the chef-owner of SET Restaurant and he "designed 90% of the menu at SET Restaurant".

In a nutshell, SET Restaurant @ PoMo is a restaurant worth visiting as it serves up unique contemporary cuisine at a very reasonable price! ;) The only down-side was that we had difficulty finding the restaurant as PoMo is relatively a new shopping mall and in the end, we decided to park at Parklane Mall, which is beside PoMo.

Smiling at the deserted multi-storey carpark located in Parklane Mall. Haha

SET Contemporary Cuisine Restaurant
Address: No.1 Selegie Road, PoMo Mall, #02-01, Singapore 188306
Tel: 6337-7644
Opening hours: Open Daily From 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Their October's Birthday Promotion Special
Being a food entrepreneur is a special challenge and not an easy feat, and as such, we sincerely wish Mr Jason and Raymond all the best! Do check out their beautiful restaurant @ PoMo. You will not be disappointed. ;)

(Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with SET Restaurant @ PoMo. We were not paid to write this review and all opinions are of my own. Do check them out at PoMo and let's all support our fellow Singaporeans' restaurant today!)

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  1. The food at this place was absolutely delicious. My girlfriend and I can't stop talking about when we're coming back to try something else on the menu. A friend recommended San Francisco restaurants! It was definitely worth a trip.


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