Tuesday, October 7, 2014

THE FINAL GRADUATION PERFORMANCE BY MY SON... (can time just stop already?)

In a blink of an eye, Shayne is now 6 years old. As cliche as it sounds, time is passing by so quickly, too quickly at times. We attended Shayne's year-end graduation ceremony/performance last weekend, and sometimes I cannot believe that it's the LAST graduation ceremony he'll ever have as a young kid. His next graduation ceremony will be when he's all grown up- with facial hair, a deep manly voice and all. Oh gosh. o.O

Nonetheless, here are some photos of Shayne's K2 graduation ceremony and performance!

With my six year old son, SIX!!! (ok I got to stop with the age emphasis. I just can't believe that he's six years old now...)
Receiving his graduation scroll from his Principal :)

Shayne and his buddies!

A short performance after the ceremony

Waving goodbye and leaving the stage to prepare for their dancing performance!
HAHAHA check out his friend ;)
Here are some photos of the other children from different level and age group (mainly 4-6 years old) performing on stage. They all performed so well, and were so full of energy despite reaching the school at 7am in the morning!!

One of my favourite costumes!! :D

Shayne's classmates
Thanking all their parents for raising them up and that they are all ready to enter Primary school in three months time. Such an emotional and touching moment...
My little sunflower boy! :)

So sassy!

Last but not least, here are some photos of Shayne and his classmates!
Can you spot Shayne? (hint: he's looking at the camera!)

And that's the end of their performance! We video-recorded the entire performance and it's still amazing to me how Shayne managed to perform and execute every dance step without any mistake, despite of his fever that day. :(

Finale of the graduation performance: All the children gathered together to sing and dance to a song titled "We Rock!" ;)

"We rock, we rock, we rock on!!"

The performance ended at about 1pm..
Love him so much <3
Shayne and his adorable friends! :)

That's Shayne's good friend, who is "the cleverest boy in class" according to Shayne :D
Shayne and his teachers
That's the end of this post! Shayne will be in Primary 1 in three months time, and his baby brother will probably be crawling in about four months time. Parenthood is one of the best life-changing experience one can ever experience, and I'm extremely thankful to be a mummy to my two boys. Watching them grow up and developing their own unique sense of identity is really a wonderful experience, to say the least. :)

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