Tuesday, December 16, 2014

HAPPY 5 MONTHS BABYBOY! Thank you for being you.


1. You love to bring everything to your mouth, and you have a great fascination for FOOD! ;) Once, your grandma even had to quickly cover your eyes while she was eating her bread because you would always charge towards her food (while you're sitting on her lap) and would want to bring it to your mouth every single time. Haha! 

2. Your bedtime routine is the best in the family as you fall asleep very easily, and wake up at 8am every day. You're definitely not a night owl, unlike the rest of us, and that's great!! Papa and I always joke that you're all ready and well-prepared for pre-school, much more than your elder brother. :D

3. You're always smiling at everyone, and is the happiest among all of us. Whenever I get stressed from work, I just have to hold you in my arms, and I'll feel much better. My problems and worry seem less significant than it did before, and you make me feel calmer. Your innocence and awe at everything around you makes me realise that life is beautiful and wonderful. So thank you for lighting up the room with your wide toothy gummy smile, we love you so very much! :))

Mummy loves you very much, you're my little sweetheart :)


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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