Monday, December 22, 2014

OUR HAPPY MOMENTS, IN 15 PHOTOS! (turning 27, a Christmas celebration and more!)

My family and I had a Christmas gathering at our place yesterday and it was baby Nathan's first Christmas celebration with our relatives! Thankfully, everything went well- the buffet dinner came in time, it didn't rain (phew!) and no one got lost while making their way to our place. :D

One of my sister's friend even decided to stay-over for the night and Shayne was soooo excited. He kept talking to her and even made himself comfortable on my sister's bed while chatting with the both of them. It was as if he was part of the stay-over too, haha. As for Baby Nathan, he was so exhausted from his first Christmas gathering that he slept for 5 hours before waking up to nurse! ;) I asked Shayne if he enjoyed himself before he fell asleep last night and he said "Yes, it was a great day today." :)

A BIG thank you to my aunts, uncles and cousins who made the trip to come down to our place. My family and I greatly appreciate it, and we'll see you soon!!

Baby Santa/Nathan and I!
My younger sister and I
My sister was the one who said that we should take a selfie with our mouths open, as if we're excited to eat the food. HAHAHA

 Baby Santa with his gold chains, yo.

Flapping his chubby arms wildly! Baby Santa wants to flyyyy :D
Shayne, the soldier!
 Kisses for my cousins! (They were the ones who told Shayne to pose this way.. haha)

Surprise bouquet of beautiful roses from my man for my 27th birthday! <3 The roses have since blossomed and they are so much bigger now.
My first 27 years old selfie, anddd that's the end of this post! My family and I really enjoyed ourselves yesterday, and we can't wait for Christmas eve and Christmas. Here's wishing you and your family happy holidays! :)

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