Monday, December 1, 2014

OUR HAPPY MOMENTS IN 30 PHOTOS! ("camping and shooting" at home, birthday celebrations and more!)

Here are some family photos taken during this month. It was a good month for us, and I hope it was a wonderful November for you too! :)

Hahaha that's my elder sis with the "STOP!" sign.
My sisters, Shayne and I! <3 Last weekend, we had a birthday celebration/dinner at home for my younger sister, who is the one in the middle, as it was her 25th birthday. :) Soon, it'll be my turn. I'm turning 27 in a few days time, eeeks! Time flies...
Sharon and baby Nathan. I love my baby's chunky thighs and arms :D
Alma and Shayne (who is clearly not interested in taking a selfie). Haha
And here a few silly candid photos of us as we attempted to take a proper family photo -_-""

Hahahaha Sharon looks mad. LOL LOL!!!

Baby Nathan and Papa :))

Shayne's mini-camping adventure at home!

All you need is a big blanket and 2 chairs to support the "tent"! ;)
Our very happy camper :D

Crazy shooting adventure at home. He loves to run, hide and shoot at everyone at home. Haha this boy, he's always so full of energy.

Papa was trying to control his laughter during this moment. Haha. And can you believe it, Papa was actually playing and enjoying himself too! He took another gun and they kept shooting each other at home for about 30 mins. -__-"
3+ year old Shayne (still a toddler here...)
And 6 years old Shayne! This was taken last Sunday during his usual swimming lesson ;)
Preparing to swim...
And off he goes! He's able to swim in the adult 1.8m pool effortlessly for a few months now and yes, I think he's a better swimmer than me. All I can do is paddle in the water, I can't really swim properly. Hahaha oh well....
Sleeping together // Papa and baby son :)

And it's finally December! Which in my books, is one of the best months of the year! :D


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