Monday, December 8, 2014


( I just have to record this down before I forget about it.. )

This afternoon, Papa, baby Nathan and I were in the car as we headed out for a short lunch. I was holding baby Nathan on my lap and was looking at him when all of a sudden, I heard it loud and clear...

"Ma. Ma."

At first, I was dumbfounded. I stared at baby Nathan while he smiled back at me and I quickly asked Papa," Did you just hear that?" He looked at me from the rear-view mirror and replied," Yes, he said Ma Ma. I heard it too." :)

I looked down at my baby's face and stared at disbelief. He really did say "Ma Ma", he really did! It sounded as clear as daylight and he was actually looking at me while saying those sweet words! Of course, I kept saying "Say Mama again, say Ma Maaaa" to baby Nathan and he wasn't interested in calling me anymore. I think he was more amused by the look of excitement on my face. Haha.

So here are a couple of happy selfies taken at home after the "Ma Ma" incident. Although I couldn't capture that moment, I wanted to capture the happiness of it all and as you can see, I wasn't the only one that was happy. Baby Nathan was smiling from ear to ear too! :D Check out his toothless gummy smile. Haha so cute!

MaMa loves you, babyboy :))

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