Saturday, January 17, 2015


Smiling with my elder son, Shayne. He has just started Primary School this year and I'm glad that he's enjoying it so far. :)
Smiling with my younger son, Nathan. He has started teething lately and has/loves to bite on every single thing. My poor babyboy...
This was taken by my elder sister yesterday and I love this photo of my sons because it really captures both their personalities. Shayne is always running, playing and laughing at home, whereas baby Nathan is always confused and sometimes startled by his big brother's madness. Hahaha :D
My daily self-reminder when I feel down and lousy again. Whenever an unhappy thought flashes through my mind, I'll quickly tell myself "Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts!" to make myself feel better. Life is a journey, and I'm learning to embrace the good AND bad sides of it. God is my saviour and I'm never forsaken. :)

Btw I've just started a weekly portrait series of my family and there are 50 more weeks to go! I've missed out last week, thus I'm starting with 2/52.. I'm hoping that this 52 weeks family portrait series will make me appreciate better what I have in my life, and it's a wonderful series to look back on when 2015 is over. I'll try my best to include either my hubby or me with our kids in the weekly photos, instead of just our 2 kids. It'll be fun to see how much we've aged ;), along with how much our kids have grown and matured over the 52 weeks of this year.

Anw have a good weekend! :)

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