Saturday, January 24, 2015


After a night movie with Papa and Shayne!
 Selfies with my favourite boys! Love them so so much <3

Rise and Shine, little one :) This was taken early in the morning...
My two babies!!! So much love for both of them <3
Guess what Nathan was actually looking at... There was actually a plate of roti-prata in front of him and when he saw it, his eyes widened immediately and he wanted to charge towards it. Hahaha! This greedy baby of mine....

Speaking of food, I've to write down this funny comment which Shayne mentioned yesterday while he was eating his M&Ms:

Shayne to baby Nathan (who was moving about and drooling everywhere): Nathan, when you are 4 years old, Kor kor will buy for you M&Ms. I will teach you to open your mouth big-big, and pour all the M&Ms into your mouth. We will pour the M&Ms into our mouths and have eating competition! So fun!!! :D

And then he smiled really widely and looked at Nathan with his excited pair of eyes. Haha! Of course Nathan had no idea what his big brother was talking about, and just stared (and drooled) at him while he was talking. Haha. I can imagine Shayne teaching his little brother all sorts of funny nonsense soon.... My two silly boys. :D :D

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