Sunday, January 4, 2015

Baby Nathan's first trip to the SEA AQUARIUM! And a midnight birthday celebration!

Happy new year, everyone!!! So this is the first post of the new year! ;)

We've been going out quite often during the holiday season. On Christmas eve, the four of us and my Mum headed to Sentosa and we had lunch at Chilli's restaurant. The food was so tasty, and it's actually one of my favourite restaurants now. After that, Papa and Shayne headed to their favourite outdoor activity- the Luge ride, while baby Nathan, my Mum and I went to the SEA Aquarium. If I'm not wrong, there are about 100,000 sea creatures of over 800 species living in the SEA Aquarium! Although it was my 3rd time visiting the huge aquarium, it still never fails to amaze me. ;)

Thankfully, baby Nathan didn't get startled or scared by the many strangers around him (phew!) and just looked at all the sea creatures in awe. As usual, he was in his calm and relaxed state the entire time. :)

Here are some photos of that day!

The four of us! Love them so much <3
LOL at baby Nathan's facial expression. Hahaha
Choosing from the yummy menu (but poor baby Nathan couldn't eat anything the entire time as he's too young for solids. Soon Nathan, soon.. ;))
CHEERS! ;) After lunch, Papa and Shayne took the sky-train to the Luge, while the three of us walked over to the SEA Aquarium.
Standing outside the massive ship with real-size animals in it!
Ermm my mum told me to "stand beside this Chinese warrior and smile". Hahaha and so I did -_- Nathan was scratching his ear at that moment, I think? Haha he doesn't seem too interested in all the posters and figurines :/

So throughout the entire time, we would stand outside the various exhibitions and observe the sea creatures swimming in their man-made habitat.
Mummy and her babies! So sweet, right? :)

Observing the fishes...

Always sucking on his chubby fingers. Nom nom nom.
There were countless fishes at this giant tank, and my mum and I decided to take a break from all the walking. We sat down and chatted, while looking at all the fishes. It was a relaxing and well-spent moment with my mum and baby! Now and then, I would bring baby Nathan close to the giant tank and his eyes would open so widely whenever a school of fishes swam past him.
Happy baby Santa and his pacifier :)

Anddd this post is not over yet! Here are a few of my 27th birthday photos which I celebrated with my family last December:

A surprise birthday cake bought by my dearest, and we celebrated my birthday at the stroke of midnight!

Chocolate cake, yummy! And again, poor baby Nathan... he can't eat any food yet :(
Spending my birthday with the ones who mean the most to me :)) And baby Nathan couldn't keep his eyes off the cake the entire time, hahaha!

There are many photos of our family's gatherings/outings taken during the past few weeks, and honestly, I don't know when I'll be able to upload all of them, but I'll try my best to! As it's the beginning of the new year, there are tons of working and parenting responsibilities that we need to focus on, and hence this blog may not be updated as regularly. :( Juggling work and family responsibilities is challenging, but I'll try to spare some time for my favourite hobby (which is this blog of ours!).

Nonetheless, have a great weekend and here's wishing you a happy new year!!! 
Have a wonderful 2015!!!

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