Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Three Musketeers! (Little Adventures)

Here are some photos of my 3 musketeers (Papa, Shayne and Nathan) and their happy/funny moments of the month!

Before dinner at a restaurant. I love these three so much <3
At an arcade! Shayne LOVES shooting games and he'll talk for HOURS about his favourite games (ie: minecraft, battle towers etc). I'll always get so lost and confused whenever he talks about the characters and weapons, but luckily, Papa is able to answer his gaming questions. ;)
Gearing up for the next level!

Both of them are at the 2nd place (woop woop!) with a total score of ONE MILLION, ELEVEN THOUSAND AND ONE HUNDRED POINTS. Totally insane. SSS stands for Shayne, while Papa left his initials as CLN (no idea why, lol)

Yup, this little baby of mine is totally a boy... he chose a toy guy over a book. :/
Running and playing catching at home.

Our young soldier! (I bought this army outfit for him for his Christmas gift and luckily, he loves it! Haha)
Fighting with his Papa with his plastic sword! Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad!

And I'll shall end this post with portraits of my two boys. This is how it's like in our house everyday. 

Excited Shayne, running and jumping everywhere.

And our little Innocent Nathan, just looking and smiling at everyone around him.

:D :D

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