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(note: this post was originally written several days ago but I didn't publish it until now. Our 2nd week was less hectic, but we're still getting used to our new daily routine of 2015!)

So…… it has been one hell of a busy week. Papa had a major nose operation on Tuesday morning and it was hard without him. I had to get up with Shayne at 6am, send him to school at 630am, visit Papa during the morning, look after Nathan and nurse him as frequently as I could while I was running around, fetch Shayne from school in the afternoon, ensure that he has his lunch, rush off for work while my mum helps to take care of my two young boys, handle work responsibilities (oh don’t get me started on work… there were challenges every single day. To the point when I really felt like crying, but I had to suck it in and put on a smile on my face for my customers and staff), rush back home at night and check that my boys are fine. I felt that I was a little hamster, running on the wheel continuously for the past few days. Papa’s absence could really be felt around the house, I missed him so very much. :(
Papa’s nose operation lasted for 4 hours and it was music to my ears when a nurse called me and told me that the operation went smoothly and he was fine! As he was heavily anesthetized, he wasn’t fully alert or himself when I visited him that night. He kept resting and sleeping for the next few days as he was still feeling rather groggy and lethargic. He was even advised by his doctor to take 1 week of MC but he only took 2 days off. And now, he’s back at work. 

Well, on the bright side, Shayne had a great first week at school! He said that he could answer his teacher’s questions and even helped a pupil to answer a question from the teacher. (His friend asked him, “How to spell nine?” He whispered “N-I-N-E” to him and that friend immediately raised up his hand to answer the teacher’s question. Haha!) Hopefully he’ll have many friends in school and enjoy going to school every day! :)

Here are some more photos of our December in 2014. It was one of the best months of the year! ;)

Happy Papa and baby! :D

The four of us, including baby Nathan who is smiling at the camera! Yay! ;)
Chilli's restaurant // Yummy Nachosss with salsa and avocado sauce!
Triple dippers combo set: consists of southwestern rolls, buffalo wings and chicken dippers (with bleucheese and honey mustard dipping sauces)
Burger and fries- you can never go wrong with that ;)
"Dammit Mama, why do you have to drink in front of me??!" // Check out Baby Nathan's intense stare O.O
Sucking his fingers, again.... :D
At our cousin's place for a Christmas gathering!
My younger sis, me, my third aunt, and my elder sis. Love them very much!
Baby Nathan and my eldest aunt. Nathan's looks like a little koala bear here, clinging tightly onto my aunt. Haha.
My aunt, tempting my baby with some grapes. LOL. Poor baby Nathan, he can't eat solids yet as he's still too young... Right now, his diet consists of milk (from me!), plain cereal, egg yolk with water, super mashed up fruits and some prune juice to help in his bowel movement. ;)
Shayne and his toy guns, which are with him all. the. time.

Little cousins // Baby Nathan and Kayleigh
Our very own little Santa elf! :D

 Smiling with my sleepy baby
The roses bloomed beautifully after the day he gave them to me, but they withered after 6 days :( But I've kept some of them and they're now sitting on top of our piano. :))
Saw this from Cold Storage supermarket and I just had to take a quick photo of it ;)
My cousins and I :) I still remember playing with them when we were very much younger and now, everyone is in their twenties. Time flies!!
Another photo of us cousins! This was taken last weekend when we were at Holland V's Wala Wala, celebrating my cousin's birthday. :) And I got to go now, I shall update this blog soon. Ciao!

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