Saturday, February 7, 2015


Snapshots of my family: Once a week, every week, in 2015."

(I didn't know which photos to choose for this week's series, so I've decided to upload all of them!)

Happy Papa and baby Nathan :))

This was taken by my elder son, Shayne, just this morning before I left for work. He grabbed my hp which was beside me, and told me to quickly smile just as I was about to get up. Haha. (btw that's baby Nathan's arm on top of me.)
Always drooling, always "talking" and always exploring everything around him. He's such a curious little babyboy, just like Shayne when he was much younger.
A sweet good morning smile :)
Shayne loves to get into the cot with baby Nathan and he'll sometimes pretend that it's a hideout for his imaginary battles. Haha

Papa and Shayne, fast asleep. I love to capture sleeping moments of my family.. and Shayne looks so tiny in this photo. :)) Sometimes I can't believe that he's seven this year. As his mummy, my wish for him as he grows older and become a young man is that he'll continue to stay happy, and continue to show little acts of kindness and love towards the people around him...
To my 2 little sweethearts (you may be reading this some day in the future), I want you to know that although I may not be with you 24/7 due to work, I hope that you know that my heart is always with the both of you... Both of you mean the world to me, and I promise to be by your side through the good and bad times. I love you both so much!

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