Thursday, February 5, 2015

Life of a 7 year old / Primary 1 kid ;)

So it’s the 2nd month of school for Shayne this year. There are a few funny moments, and a few “oh no…” moments so far. Firstly, he’s doing well in his English and Maths, but not so much for his Chinese. His hanyu pinyin is fine and he’s quite good at it actually, but without it, he can’t recognize the Chinese characters as he relies on it heavily. Just a few days ago, he told us that his Chinese teacher scolded him for not recognizing the word immediately, and he seemed pretty upset by the incident. Sigh. I do hope that he won’t lose interest in his Mother Tongue language at the mere age of 7…

Anyways on a lighter note, he has been getting along with his new friends, and he even sometimes treats them during recess. He’ll tell us happily, “I still have money left in my wallet. So I’ll buy another packet of drink for my friend and we’ll drink together!” Sometimes, he’ll buy a large packet of onion rings, and everyone will share it with him during recess. And one of his friends will shout “5 MINUTES LEFT!!!!” and everyone will gobble up the onion rings just before the recess bell rings. Haha! My elder son has a generous heart (too generous sometimes) and he honestly loves to share and even give things to his friends. :/  I can only cross my fingers that his new friends genuinely like him for him, and not because he likes to share or give them things! Lol. 

Oh and I need to mention this before I forget about it. SHAYNE’S FIRST TOOTH DROPPED OUT THIS WEEK!!!!!!! That was the highlight of his week (and maybe mine too). It dropped out when he was in class, and his friend told him to throw it at the garden, so that his “new tooth will grow very pretty, like the flowers in the garden.” HAHA! Kids are so cute and funny. :D

As for baby Nathan, he is moving about SO MUCH lately and he can’t sit still at all! He’s really a big eater and “heavy drinker” (for milk, not alcohol. Lol). And as usual, he’s always fascinated by his big brother’s expressive actions and candid conversations. :D

I’ll update this blog of ours on Friday or Saturday with our 5/52 photos. I hope this post of my two boys didn’t bore you, haha! And here are a few family photos to end this lengthy post. ;)

It was a beautiful afternoon :)

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