Monday, March 9, 2015

8/52, 9/52, 10/52: The 52 Weeks Project. (And off we go to HongKong!)

Snapshots of my family, once a week, every week, in 2015.

8/52 (4th week of February)

"Check out my gumsss!" #funnyface // Nathan is going through his teething + drooling stage now, and we can't wait to see his first little tooth! :D
Another drooling photo...
Papa and Shayne, playing at the playground together. Shayne was laughing and screaming hysterically while his Papa chased him round and round the playground.

9/52 (1st week of March)

We collected Nathan's passport last Monday as we're leaving for Hongkong tonight!! Our first holiday as a family of four! Yayy!!! :)
Sleeping baby at 8am. Zzzzz
And he loves his new (yummy) passport! Nom Nom... :D
Our world, in a puzzle
Told him to smile, and he kept doing silly poses instead of smiling properly with the puzzle which he pieced together. Haha boys -__-"
10/52 (2nd week of March)

Deciding if he should put the pacifier in his mouth... Haha. decisions, decisions..

....Playing the piano...
And we're off to HongKong now, good night and ciao! :)
Shayne in 2008 and Nathan in 2015. Our lookalike sons! #twins #7yearsapart ;)

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