Thursday, April 2, 2015

Exploring Hongkong With Our Kids! (Day 2+3: Dining at Famous HK Restaurants and Shopping at Nathan Road)

DAY 2 and DAY 3 of Hongkong!

During our 2nd and 3rd day, we dined at a few famous Hongkong restaurants such as Australian Dairy Farm, Lei Garden, One Dim Sum and Tim Ho Wan. We also explored Nathan Road and passed by Nathan Hotel! ;)

Here are more photos of our holiday trip:
Papa babywearing Nathan, and holding Shayne's hand :) #love
We went to the Famous Australian Dairy Farm restaurant for brunch! The macaroni and scrambled eggs with bread were to die for. It really does serve the best scrambled eggs in the world.

It was crowded as we dined in during the lunch hour. All of us had to squeeze in but it was worth it! Thank goodness Nathan was asleep in the baby tula..
Shayne and Uncle Eugene (Papa's close friend)
All on-board the ding ding train! :D

More sight-seeing..

Somebody was rather excited to spot Ultraman! ;)

We had dinner at Lei Garden :)
Jumping and being silly, while waiting for the restaurant to open for dinner.

Running around and laughing :D

And soon, he got tired. Haha
Family photo <3 (My mother-in-law and the four of us)

Yummy crispy chinese roast pork. The skin crackled with every bite we took. It was soooo good.
Chinese Peking duck!
...Thin and perfectly crisp skin... The meat is eaten with scallion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce, with thin pancakes rolled around the fillings.

Our precious little one, always biting onto something. #teethingbaby
After dinner, it was rather late and so, we went back to the hotel. This is the view from our hotel room. There was a football match at that stadium the next day.

Good night, sweet dreams little one :)
 DAY 3:

We had brunch at the Famous One Dim Sum! It was awarded one Michelin star recently.

We ordered more and these are just some of our orders that afternoon :D
Hardworking street hawkers

 After lunch, for the next few hours, we just walked around and did lots of sight-seeing. Then, we took the train as we were just so tired of walking. Haha.

Happy Nathan!

Shayne was very happy because he bought another bunny to add on to his collection of bunny soft toys. Haha, this silly boy..

Late-night supper
Baby Nathan at Nathan Road!
And we passed by Nathan Hotel!!! :D :D

We went back to the hotel after the late-night supper but as you can see, our elder son wasn't tired at all... Haha. He even went to the nearby 7-11 to buy some snacks with his Papa.
And good night, everyone! (Day 4 and 5 photos of our Hongkong trip will be up soon..)

/ps: Day 1 of our holiday can be found here.


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