Thursday, April 16, 2015

Exploring Hongkong With Our Kids! (Day 5/Final Day)

Here are the last few photos of our Day 5 at Hongkong. We spotted a large group of Paparazzi and The Yellow Umbrella Movement protestors during our last 2 days. And as usual, we ate lots of yummy HK food. ;)

i love my sons
My 2 sweethearts :)
Daddy's boy !
My MIL, hubs and babyboy!
Grilled mushrooms with truffle sauce. so so good.
Cheesy fries
mother and sons
My boys and I <3 Check out Shayne's swag, haha!
fashion, mother and baby

fashion, mother and baby

my son
Acting cool
And acting silly. Haha! I love this wild child of mine so much.

my tula and I
Me and my sleeping baby <3
In the ferry, again!


Our afternoon tea-break: Time for some fish n chips ;)
This was taken during the late evening, we spotted the yellow umbrella movement (hongkong protestors)!
The police quickly cordoned off the area. Don't worry, no one was harm or injured. It was actually quite a calm and silent protest.

Our last shopping trip of the night at Hongkong. We went back to our hotel about 10pm for a rest, and had to get up at 4am the next morning.
At the airport, waiting for our plane to bring us back to Singapore...
Look! My legs are coming out from the windows of the plane!! :D #cheapthrill #opticalillusion
2 in 1 : Outside and Inside the airport
tula baby carrier
No-makeup // Nathan was fast asleep during that time.
Waiting and waiting... Byebye hongkong, we''ll miss you.
my sons
This was taken during our 1st night at Hongkong :) Both of them were so exhausted!
i love my family

These 2 photos are the only family selfies that we took during the entire trip. Unfortunately, Shayne covered his papa's face and we couldn't take more photos as we had to alight soon. We were on the bus that time. And I just need to add this before I end this post on our Hongkong trip- We're very grateful for the kind passengers whom we've encountered when we took the public transport. All of them would immediately give up their seats whenever they see us board the bus or train. Based on our experience, Hongkong is a family-friendly holiday destination to go to. There are baby rooms/ nursing rooms/ changing rooms in every shopping mall that we went to, and they were all so clean! Moreover, there's a supermarket in almost every shopping mall, so we could buy baby supplies (diapers, snacks/food, baby cutlery) whenever we needed to. :)
So that's the end of our 2015 Hongkong trip! I'm not sure if we'll return to Hongkong anytime soon, or even next year, as we're planning to return to Bali for our next holiday destination. I'll update this blog of ours soon, byee!

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