Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Chinese New Year Part 1. (Featuring The God of Fortune, Helix Bridge, MBS and more!)

 Our Chinese New Year 2015: Part 1
helix bridge

These Chinese New Year photos were taken during the last week of February, when baby Nathan was about 7 months old. I've always wanted to upload them into our blog, but was too occupied to do so. :( Nevertheless, here they are! Our Chinese New Year (Part 1) :)

My family <3
Shayne, passing a pair of Mandarin oranges to his great grandma for good luck and prosperity! It's part of the CNY culture to do so. :)


My baby is more aware of the camera than I am... Haha.

Shayne and Nathan were looking at each other, no idea what they were thinking about... :D
"I want my mamaaaaa!!"
After the house-visiting, we headed to the Euro Funfair at the River Hong Bao!

Chinese new year, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands + God of Fortune walkabout

It was really hot that day, and someone was kinda grumpy...
god of fortune
Squinting so hard because it was so sunny that afternoon, and baby Nathan was asleep during the entire time.// That's the God of Fortune + Singapore flyer :)

god of fortune
With the God of Fortune! HUAT AH!!!
mother and baby

Next stop: Taking a stroll at the double helix bridge! "Its curved design is created by two opposing spiral steel members, held together by a series of connecting struts, symbolising “life and continuity”, “renewal”, “everlasting abundance” and “growth”,  and resembles the structure of DNA."

Selfie time with my mister :) That's the art science museum behind us.

Our baby Tula carrier is definitely the best investment we've made for Nathan so far. Without it, we would be struggling whenever we're on the go with baby Nathan...

Cutie chubby cheeks <3
Someone has finally woken up! Yay! :) We decided to walk around the MBS shopping mall. Finally, some air-con after that sunny weather...
Had a little snack and tea-break at High Society with our sons. The cupcakes were soooo good. Move over 12 cupcakes, you're incomparable to the cupcakes from High Society. :P
7 months Nathan

Failed shots snapped by Papa -_-

The floating platform which is used for our annual National Day celebration.
"The Float at Marina Bay, stylised as The Float@Marina Bay and also known as the Marina Bay Floating Platform, is the world's largest floating stage."
Saying byebye to someone or something? Haha.
Papa snapped a few photos Shayne, running and laughing about. I was somewhere nearby with baby Nathan at that time, while Papa and Shayne were chasing each other and were way ahead of me. Haha. These are the only ones which turned out okay, the rest were all so blurry -_-

Laughing and running away from his Papa aka the Big Bad Wolf. Hahaha.

Finally, I caught up with them and decided to take over the camera for a while. ;) Thank goodness for Papa, I didn't have the energy to play, run around and chase after a 7 year old boy. I was quite exhausted after the house-visiting and walk around the God of Fortune area, Double Helix bridge and window-shopping at MBS mall. Nonetheless, it was a well-spent day with my family. <3
More photos of our Chinese New Year 2015 will be up soon, byee! Have a great week!

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