Saturday, May 2, 2015

Our happy moments: in 15 photos.

The 52 weeks project: 16/52 and 17/52

Snapshots of my family: Once a week, every week, in 2015.

4th week of April and 1st week of May 

Happy brothers at the 7-11 store :D
Family selfie!! Say Cheeseee!

My love with our 2 cool kiddos ;)
Shayne caught the latest Avengers movie with his K2 friend and they had a blast! Both of them were so excited before the movie, and couldn't stop laughing and chatting with each other. :D
Some photos of the both of them before and after the movie :)
We celebrated my aunt's birthday a few days ago at Tony Roma's restaurant and it was good to catch up with my cousins once again. :)
A sudden kiss for my dearest son by his beloved aunts. Haha!
All of us at the restaurant! <3
Look at Nathan's shocked face... Hahaha! He was so stunned by the lighted flickering candle. Happy birthday to my beloved aunt!!
Taken at 8am, when we headed out for our morning/breakfast stroll. I like how he tried to smile with his pacifier in his mouth; he didn't want to remove it for the camera. Haha this boy...
Nothing hotter than a baby-wearing Dad ;) #11years #love
Portrait: 9 months + 2 weeks old baby Nathan :)
Portrait: 6 years + 7 months old Shayne. Totally hot stuff right there.. Haha :D

We went to Kualur Lumpur (Malaysia) on Thursday for a short Mother's Day holiday. Our hotel was so clean and spacious, and it was much better than what we expected it to be. Thank you to my beloved hubs for booking the hotel, planning the route and driving for 5-6 hours to our destination!! Thankfully, it was a safe journey and although baby Nathan did cry now and then during the car ride, it was still a pleasant journey nonetheless. :)

Anddd I'm to excited to say that I'll be attending the Backstreet Boys' concert with my younger sister soon, in a couple of hours. Yay!!!! It's going to be a great weekend, ciao!

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