Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Weekend at Swiss-Garden Hotel KL (PART 1!)

A week before Mother's Day, Papa made an impromptu quick decision to stay over at the Swiss-Garden Hotel at KL for the weekend and needless to say, we were stoked! On Friday night, he drove about 5+ hours to KL and thankfully, it was a safe journey. :) Although we were all exhausted from the lack of proper sleep, we were immediately pumped up and excited upon entering our hotel room! ;) We arrived at the Swiss-Garden Hotel at about 3am and after a quick bath, we laid down on the comforting big bed and watched the movie "Dude, Where's my car?" on the TV before falling asleep.

So here are some of the photos of our weekend stay at Swiss-Garden Hotel (KL), enjoy!

This was taken actually taken the next day before we headed out to the shopping mall ;)
3am photos // Checking out our hotel room

Happy crawling Nathan and fast-moving Shayne
After an hour or so, we decided to call it a night. Zzzz

Good morning, everyone!
Crawling baby on the loose, again :D

The toilet. It's so big and spacious, and if you notice closely, there's a tub-like showering area!
10am selfie snapshot
The view from our hotel. Can you spot the petronas twin towers? ;)
We felt hungry and decided to order room service. Here is Shayne's favourite food... Haha
Ordered Caesar salad for myself and the portions were so generous! The food was very reasonably-priced too.

HAHAHA his squatting/standing position. I love this baby stage, whereby he's kinda figuring out how to move one step forward without falling down, hence the awkward body position. :D
Painting at the hotel's living room

Meddling with switches and buttons, as usual.
His "caught-in-the-act" guilty face. Oh Nathan...

And last but not least, here are some photos of the both of them interacting with each other. It's moment like this, watching them together, that makes me realise the love I have for them just grows stronger day by day.

Shayne feeding his little brother some baby snacks :)

Their chubby morning faces :))
If I remembered correctly, Nathan grabbed a handful of baby snacks at one time and Shyane was taking away some from him because it would be dangerous if Nathan ate everything at one time. This photo was taken when Nathan was whining when Shayne tried to remove some from his little tight fist. Haha.
Anddd... drum-roll please ~ Shayne dropped his bottom tooth that morning!! It had been loose for nearly a month and we were all so surprised when it finally came off. Hooray!
More photos of our stay at the Swiss-Garden Hotel at KL will be up soon.

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