Saturday, June 6, 2015

An Momazing Interview, By Scott's Singapore.

A few weeks ago, during April, I was interviewed about my parenting experience and momazing moments. Momazing is a word coined by Scotts- it means the magical moment when your child surprises you with a milestone that they achieve for the first time. It's the myriad of positive emotions: happiness and pride at their flourishing development, and reassurance that you are doing great job as a mom.

It was a great pleasure and privilege to be one of the few mummies to be interviewed for Scott's Momazing. :) You may read the complete interview at here. Here's a snippet of it:

"Mom blogger, Ashlyn Thia asked mothers in Singapore about their parenting experience and the momazing moments that they keep close to their hearts. Read on as Marie Bernadette, an entrepreneur mom to two, shares her journey with us...

“Mama” – An early surprise!
Mommies are surprisingly easy to please. Once when he was only four and a half months old, Nathan looked at Marie affectionately and blurted out his first “Mama.” Marie’s heart melted instantly. At that moment, it didn’t matter how sleep deprived and drained she was — she felt like the happiest mom on earth...

Brotherly love 
Being the owner of three tuition centres means that Marie has to attend to urgent work even when she’s at home. Once, while in deep conversation during an unexpected business call, Marie turned around and saw the most touching scene: a surprisingly big pile of toys was built up around Nathan. In an effort to calm down his slightly cranky brother, Shayne brought every toy that he could possibly find and placed them around him. With pride and joy, Marie saw how loving, helpful and caring Shayne was towards Nathan, and wished that the two growing boys’ brotherhood would always be as sweet as that moment."

With Ashlyn Thia. :)
The complete interview can be viewed here: Hope you'll have a good weekend with your family!

UPDATE: Contest by Scott's Singapore:
Share your photo or video via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #momazing, and you may stand to win these awesome prizes! Good luck and have fun!

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