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HIYA PURE Baby Skincare Review: Yay or Nay?


As a mother of 2 young boys, age 7 years old and 10 months old, I’m always on the lookout for kids’ products that are good and beneficial for them. So when I was recently contacted by SEC Lifestyle to try out a couple of its exclusive HIYA PURE baby skin care product, I did a quick research to check up more about this Japanese brand as honestly, I have not heard of them before. To my surprise, I discovered that HIYA Pharmaceutical has been producing baby healthcare products since 1622! That’s a total of 393 years of experience! 

SEC Lifestyle painstakingly and successfully pursued to bring HIYA PURE into Singapore. The company’s focus revolves around the concept of ‘Non-Steroidal Management for Dry, Itching and Sensitive Skin’. (More about SEC Lifestyle can be found here:

Furthermore, HIYA Pharmaceutical is a well-established, heritage brand trusted by many families in Japan. And HIYA PURE is a baby skin care range developed by the team at HIYA Pharmaceutical which has gone through rigorous safety tests and checks. So after knowing that HIYA Pharmaceutical has been producing the finest quality and safest baby healthcare products for babies since 1622, I agreed to write a review on the HIYA PURE baby products. It was also an honour and privilege to be trying out these products which have not been released into some stores yet, until quite recently.

Nonetheless, here’s my review on the 4 HIYA PURE baby skin care products!
1) Hiya Pure Bubble Soap (for body & hair)  


Product benefits:  Hiya Pure Bubble Soap is specially made for babies’ tender skin, scalp and hair. With an innovative and moisturizing formula, Hiya Pure Bubble Soap provides a gentle and clean wash for babies’ body and hair.  The natural ingredients of peach leaf extract, highly concentrated natural glycerin and hyaluronic acid soothe dryness and itchiness, and keep babies’ skin protected and moisturized. It is not soapy and does not irritate the eyes, which is very suitable for young children and new born babies.  

Among all the 4 products, Shayne loves this one the most. He’ll always use it whenever he visits the toilet and once, after washing his hands with HIYA PURE bubble soap, I overheard him saying softly to himself, “Ahh…my hands smells so nice and it’s so soft…” Haha :D
2) Hiya Pure Facial Cream 


Product benefits:  Hiya Pure Facial Cream is specially formulated with babies’ sensitive facial skin in mind. It protects babies’ tender facial skin from dryness, itchiness and redness, and helps keep the facial skin moisturized. With natural peach leaf extract, glycerin and hyaluronic acid, Hiya Pure Facial Cream nourishes the skin from within.

3) Hiya Pure Body Milk Lotion         
Product benefits:  Hiya Pure Body Milk Lotion immediately moisturizes babies’ body skin and balance sebum. It also helps protect babies’ sensitive body skin against external irritants by strengthening the skin’s defense with its unique formulation of natural peach leaf extract, glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Hiya Pure Body Milk Lotion deeply moisturizes and repairs dry skin. Most importantly, it is suitable for young children and babies to use after bath or when staying in air-conditioned room for long periods of time.

Among all the 4 products, this is personally my favourite. The lotion gets absorbed into the skin really quickly too, and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy feeling.  I’ve used it on Shayne and Nathan and there’s completely no sticky or greasy feeling left on their arms or legs after I’ve applied this generously on them. Two thumbs up!

4) Hiya Pure Barrier Cream

Product benefits:  Hiya Pure Barrier Cream is made to protect babies’ skin against nappy rashes. Peach leaf and cherry leaf extracts are natural ingredients used in Japanese traditional prescription to tackle skin rashes.  The natural ingredients of Olive Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Avocado Oil are filled with Vitamin A and E, similar to that of sebum, and can strengthen the defensive function of the skin. Hiya Pure Barrier Cream is suitable for babies with nappy rash and is recommended each time they change diapers. Fun fact: It is also suitable for children and even adults with dry, itchy skin. 

I’ve tried it on myself and honestly, it’s better than some body lotions that I’ve previously used! Truth be told, I was actually surprised that this barrier cream could be used as a body lotion too. The previous barrier creams which I’ve bought for baby Nathan were so oily but this one by HIYA PURE is just so… different. And in a really good way; the texture and consistency of it is not too thick or oily. I think it’s probably due to all the natural ingredients like peach left extracts and cherry leaf extracts. ;)

HIYA Baby Skincare Products can be found in Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy, Unity Pharmacy, Takashimaya Department Store and
Happy drooling Nathan, after using some of the HIYA baby products :D
I'm pleased to inform you that you can enjoy 20% off all HIYA PURE* products at these stores:
  1.  Essentials Pharmacy: 101 Upper Cross Street #01-23, People's Park Centre S058357
  2. Nishino Pharmacy: B1 Shaw House, B2 Takashimaya Department Store and B1 Liang Court
  3. Takashimaya Department Store: B1 Household Department
  4. Unity Pharmacy: 58 outlets island wide
  5. Online Store:
*GSS Promotion which lasts till 28th June

In a nutshell, it's a BIG YAY for HIYA PURE Baby Skincare Products. HIYA PURE skin care range effectively moisturizes and protects babies’ tender skin, soothes discomfort caused by dryness and itchy skin, and strengthens babies’ skin defense against external irritants. With its effective formulation and cutesy Hello  Kitty packaging, it's no wonder that HIYA PURE is one of Japan’s  most popular and best-selling baby skin care  range – with a collection or products suitable  for children and new-born babies. Moreover, you can never go wrong with HIYA as it has been producing the finest quality and safest baby healthcare products since 1622. Do check them out today, and I hope my review has been of some help to you! :)

(Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with SecLifestyle. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own.)


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