Thursday, June 18, 2015

Our Weekend, with an over-excited baby!

Here are some photos of our weekend taken last month. As usual, we headed to the Singapore River area :)

Thankfully, the weather was perfect that day and so, we did lots of sight-seeing and walked around.

Our kids admiring the scenic view, especially Shayne. He was so engrossed with all the buildings and couldn't stop looking at them. :) #fatherandsons

Happy laughing Nathan :D

We walked towards Esplanade and had our dinner.

Super thick juicy patty and onion rings to top it off!!! YUM.

Nathan fell asleep for about an hour and it was the perfect opportunity for the 3 of us to have our dinner. He'll usually get quite restless during meal-time as he wants to try ALL of everyone's food and he knows that he can't because he's still a baby. So he'll get quite upset and whiny, haha. Soon Nathan, soon... you'll have whatever you want. But first, you'll need to grow more teeth to chew! :D
Watching the sunset together :)
Nathan woke up after we had our dinner and so, it was more sight-seeing and walking for us!

Photobombed by Shayne! Lol. Boys...
Inside The Fullerton Hotel

Shayne always loves to observe the luo-han fishes and he'll even say byebye to them whenever we leave the hotel.
 I took a couple of photos with baby Nathan (Shayne was too engrossed with the fishes at that time) and check out Nathan's facial expressions. They're all too funny. LOL!
Over-excited Nathan
No comment for this one. LOL.
"HUH??!!" says shocked Nathan
Happy and excited, again :D
Shayne was running towards him/us and Nathan got really excited.
And he couldn't control his excitement!!! HAHAHA! He kept jumping up and down in his Papa's arms and couldn't stop screaming/laughing the entire time when Shayne was running towards him. Haha it's never a dull moment with these two!
Soon, Nathan managed to calm himself down and we carried on as usual...
Up the escalator... and then was when our camera's battery died. Lol.

I love to sight-see our city with my spouse and kids, and it never gets boring for me. It's funny how kids are so easily amazed by the tall skyscrapers, street performances, sunsets and more. I used to walk by all of these without batting an eyelid but now, I always pause to take a look at the surroundings when I'm with my kids. Their curiosity has widened my eyes and I've noticed little things which I have not before. :) Anyways have a great weekend!


  1. Too much cuteness! I love your carrier - what brand is it?

  2. Too much cuteness! I love your carrier - what brand is it?


Thank you for your lovely comment!

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