Thursday, June 11, 2015

Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends... (52 weeks project)

 Here are some photos of our family's simple but special moments:

sweet boy
This was snapped early one morning after he had just woken up. He said that his soft toy rabbit was a baby and needed a cuddle to feel safe. Aawww :)
Reading a story book together. Check out Nathan's half-squat. Haha! Sometimes he'll half-squat for a minute or two and I always wonder if his thigh muscles are aching when he does that...
Their favourite activity: Playing together with their 101 soft toys!


Hmm telling each other a secret? ;)
messy baby
He LOVES to open our wardrobe and take down all the clothes that are of his reach. Check out his crazy happy grin and the clothes behind him. Lol -_-""
mom and son
This was taken late at night, at about midnight when Papa and I returned home from a wedding dinner. Nathan was actually fast asleep but woke up when he heard us returning home. :D And he went back to sleep at about 1am with us that night...
Father and son

Papa had to work the entire day on that Monday and so, I decided to have a mummy-and-sons date with my 2 boys! But it turned out to be a mummy-and-son date with my elder boy as Nathan was sleeping soundly most of the time when we were out and about... ;)
movie night at home
We watched a Star Wars movie on our laptop when Nathan was fast asleep. Shayne even wore his special Movie World t-shirt before the movie. Haha! He was so excited that night. He's currently OBSESSED with Star Wars and can even memorise the script and scenes of Episode 1-4!
Again, telling each other secrets? Lol.
A little playdoh figurine made by Shayne last night
 Playing hide-and-seek with each other. Haha! I'll never get bored watching the both of them interacting with each other... :)

52 weeks project
Taken on a bright and sunny morning.. #beautifulday
52 project
Photo taken by our elder son, Shayne :)
mom ootd
And another photo taken by Shayne! He was playing with my handphone and suddenly told me to smile, hence the cheesy pose. Haha
handsome father and kids

handsome father and kids
Last but definitely not least, photos of my handsome 3 musketeers!!! Love them so much, they make my life so so complete. <3

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