Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Letter To My Son On His 1st Birthday

Dear Baby Nathan

Happy first birthday, sweetheart!!! I can't believe it has been a year already. We celebrated your birthday with our close family members last week and initially, you were so shocked and scared by the sudden number of people entering our house that you started to cry. But after 30 minutes or so, you started to calm down and felt more at ease. We had seafood dinner and unfortunately, you couldn't eat any of it because you're still too young for that. As usual, you had your plate of porridge and ate it all heartily.

These past 365 days has been a complete joy with you. After 10 months and 3 weeks, you started walking. At 11 months, you could even play "catching" with your elder brother! It's so funny and silly to see the both of you screaming and trying to catch each other. You'll always scream and try your best to "run" (walk as fast as you can with your arms flailing up and down) while your brother pretends to catch you from the back. Whenever you hear the phrase "Nathan.... I'm going to catch you!!", your eyes will immediately light up and you'll walk away excitedly as fast as you can. It's really adorable and amusing at the same time.

You have brought so much joy and laughter in our lives, and your brother loves to play with you every single day. You'll shriek in joy whenever you see your brother return home after school and both of you will start to play/disturb each other. Once, your brother was quietly playing with his toy soldiers and out of nowhere, you starting walking towards him, picked up one of his toy soldiers and started chewing on it. Haha! Shayne was horrified and he kept telling you to spit it out from your mouth but you wouldn't listen to him (ok, it was more like you didn't understand him...). Needless to say, Shayne was furious and you were so confused that you started crying, with the toy soldier still in your mouth. Haha. (don't worry, the toy soldier was too big to be swallowed and yes, we took it out from your mouth and you cried even louder when we did that.) 

You still love to eat all types of food but surprisingly, you don't like cake! We tried to feed you some of your birthday cake but you refused to taste it at all. So I guess cakes are not really your thing, or maybe you'll only eat them when you're older. ;)

You love to read books and sometimes, we'll catch you quietly reading a book all by yourself in the room. You love to flip the pages and stare at the big words and pictures. Whenever we read to you, you'll quietly listen to us and sometimes look at us with your big brown eyes. It's really the cutest thing ever.

So here's wishing you a very HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, NATHAN! This is just the beginning of many wonderful exciting years to come! I love you so much, and you're forever my sweet cheerful little boy.

Your one and only,
Mummy :)


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