Tuesday, August 4, 2015

An Organic Way To Stop Dry and Itchy Skin.

Since young, I’ve suffered from dry and itchy skin, also commonly known as eczema. When the weather gets really hot and dry, my eczema will start to flare up. The itching can be so severe that after scratching (I just can’t help it!), my skin becomes red and sore. These angry red patches often appear at the bends of my limbs, and it’s really unsightly.

Although eczema is neither life-threatening nor contagious, it creates serious discomfort and disrupts sleep. I usually avoid the use of harsh soap and skin products, and sometimes apply topical steroid creams to help reduce the itching condition. However, these steroid creams causes negative skin effects such as ‘skin thinning’ with prolonged use.

So it was to my joy and pleasure when I was recently contacted by SEC to try out their EZEQUE products. EZEQUE products aim to soothe itchy skin without steroids; it’s made up of botanceutical ingredients which include an exclusive blend of Ezeque crystalline ice-plant and phytomucin. Moreover, it is a non-greasy and non-staining formula; it is absorbed into the skin without any left-over sticky residue. 

To use, simple spray the mist solution onto the affected area (Step 1). Spread the solution gently with your finger tips to aid absorption, and then, apply the cream (Step 2). These can be used anytime and anywhere- whenever the itching symptoms appear.

Before using EZEQUE, my skin was really red, dry and itchy!
After a month's use of EZEQUE, my skin's condition improved! :)
As you can see, my skin condition improved significantly after I applied EZEQUE cream and mist spray several times a day. I did that religiously, whenever my itching symptoms appeared, for about a month. And I’m pleased to say that my skin is now much better because of it!

So if you also suffer from dry and itchy skin, why not give EZEQUE a try? As it does not contain steroids and is made of 100% natural ingredients, you can use it as often as you want to- whenever the itching symptoms appear. ;)

*Where can you get EZEQUE?
1)Online store: www.seclifestyle.com.sg
2)Takashimaya Department Store, Household Department, B1 Level

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Available at online store: www.seclifestyle.com.sg, or visit Household Department, B1 Level, Takashimaya Department Store

(Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with with SecLifestyle. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own. Individual results may vary. As usual, thank you for supporting our fellow Singaporean's online store!)

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