Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life Lately, in 25 photos!

I've been neglecting my blog for more than 2 weeks and so, I've decided to do a quick update before I neglect it any further! Here are some photos taken during the past few weeks...

Shayne and Nathan // Brothers for life :)
Shayne's very first school award! It was a happy and proud moment for us as we watched him perform and recite a Chinese poem on stage with his fellow classmates. :)
Messing about the house, on a lazy Sunday morning

Always reading his little ABC book

Father and Son <3

Doing his yoga pose, anytime and anywhere -_-
Err showing his butt to the people who may emerge from the lift??? Sometimes I have no idea what this cheeky little boy is thinking.. Haha
Creating a mess, again. #tissueNightmare #lifewithaOneyearold
Just walking away casually... -_-
Celebrating SG50 at the airport!
Salted egg-yolk pasta with soft shell crab from Pastamania
Shayne, sitting inside a gigantic durian!! :D
And he's all ready for his next holiday trip ;)
Last but not least, 2 selfies of my boys!!
Excited Nathan :D
Happy Shayne :)
Last weekend, we went a few places during the National Day and post National Day and the kids had so much fun!! I shall upload those photos soon. :) We've been busy lately as the PSLE and final year exams are just around the corner, and there's so much to do.

As usual, there has been some ups and downs in our business and although we've been running our business for 8 years, it doesn't get any easier. There are new challenges almost every day and sometimes, I whine and complain so much that I feel like slapping myself. Really. Thank goodness I have a patient and understanding partner who listens to my complains without giving me any mean or snide remarks. He's really a good listener and I'm so thankful for that. :)

Ok I got to go now, byee! Shall update soon.

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