Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life Lately: An interview with Motherhood Magazine, Baby #3 and more :)

The 52 weeks project: 33/52

Snapshots of our life: Once a week, every week, in 2015

1st Week of September

It was definitely a huge surprise, and honour, to be featured on this month's Motherhood magazine. Many thanks to the interviewer for being so patient with me in answering the questions! :) Here's page 1 of the interview (you may click to view a clearer version of it..)
Page 2 of the interview :)
It's still surreal (and kind of awkward) to be reading an article about my life and family... But I hope the interview helps a few mothers out there who may be going through similar experiences (young parenthood & starting a business with their spouse) :)
And... we're expecting baby number 3!!! :) First baby bump #3 selfie... and it's a girl this time! We can't wait to meet her early next Feb <3
Playing and running wild in the playground with his neighbourhood friends :D
Shayne and the adorable Hello Kitty Durian soft toy :D
Serious Nathan.. He's starting to look more and more like a big brother nowadays. He's getting so tall and big, and so so talkative!
Happy Nathan :D

So it's the general elections and I still don't know who am I going to vote for! Ughhh. I think I may have to attend one or two rallies before I can make up my mind... But anyways, it's going to be an interesting (and entertaining) showdown between PAP and the opposition parties. Can't wait to see what the results reveal next week! ;)

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