Monday, November 2, 2015

A Traditional Halloween: Trick-Or-Treating @ Woodlands!

 Last Saturday evening, we did our very first trick-or-treating as a family of four at Woodlands Woodgrove! It was our first traditional way of celebrating Halloween, and I'm happy to say that we had fun! :) Luckily, the kids weren't afraid of the ghosts, zombies and monsters.

Just a short background of the Halloween Event at Woodlands Woodgrove:
Every year, on 31st October, there will be a massive Trick or Treat happening in Woodlands Woodgrove, Singapore. This is probably the only place you can truly experience a traditional Halloween Trick Or Treat in Singapore. Thousands of people from every age from all over Singapore come to Woodgrove estate in costume to Trick or Treat. We saw all sorts of characters; bloody zombies and ghosts (which were the most popular), Harry Potter characters, Disney characters, even *ahem* Daddy's Naughty Girl and many more.

This event is privately funded by the generous families living in the Woodgrove estate. The residents pool their money together to hire security and apply necessary permits to block off the streets so that visitors to the neighbourhood can have a maximum Trick or Treat experience. These families spend hundreds on candy and security for visitors to enjoy the Halloween night.

Nonetheless, here are some of the photos taken that night! ;) I didn't manage to snap many photos as we were too busy walking among the crowd..

A quick family photo before we left home for trick-or-treat! That's Papa and Shayne in their Super Mario costumes, and Nathan was in his mushroom costume. :D
We parked at a small alley, about 15 mins walking distance away from the Woodgrove estate as there was a traffic jam.

My Mario boys!!! All ready to receive their candies :D :D
There were many kids receiving candies and it's strongly advisable for a parent to follow their child during trick-or-treating, otherwise there's a high chance someone will get lost...

Headless zombie!
Make way for the headless man...
A quick snap with Shayne, outside a haunted house...

3 happy teenage robbers?!! Haha
Collecting more candies

Can you spot Papa Mario? Lol
A man with his magical-like glowing jellyfish
Can you spot the boy sitting on top of the house's pillar? He was doing all sorts of weird funny hand gestures.. Haha
Bleeding zombie?!!

3 children and burning pumpkins beside them. The fire was actually quite big in real life!

More scary characters...

Mario + Unicorns ;D
These are my favourite costumes of the night!!! Peas and Bananaa! Hahaha just too cute!
Just one of the big furry animals walking around... They must be sweating so much in that outfit.
....Ghostly Halloween decorations everywhere...
Mario + Princess :)
After 2 hours of trick-or-treating (yes, the woodlands woodgrove estate was that big!!), we decided to call it a night and returned home...
Last but not least, a photo of me! Hahaha. I intended to be a pregnant bleeding zombie but I think I should have painted or poured more blood onto my body. Oh well, I shall try that next time. ;) It was a great traditional trick-or-treating experience in Singapore, and it was really cool to see everyone getting into their Halloween costumes and characters. Definitely a night well-spent and I'm looking forward to it next year! ;) Hope you had a great Halloween weekend too!



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