Saturday, November 7, 2015

Life Lately, in 12 photos

Just a quick update before I head off for my lunch! Here are some photos which I've randomly snapped a few days ago...

Reminiscing our Hongkong holiday trip (March 2015)... And Nathan looks like a baby Star Wars Jedi in this photo :D
Again, whenever I look at our various fridge magnets, I can't help but think of our previous holiday trips... So many good happy memories. :) We're not going on an overseas year-end holiday this year, but we'll do so next year and I can't wait! Travelling overseas with 3 kids.. it's definitely going to be chaotic but yet exciting at the same time. ;)
Some of our books. The newest addition to our collection is the Maze Runner's "The Death Cure" and I need to read that soon!!
Shayne was elated when we bought this Star Wars encyclopedia for him. He knows almost all the characters in the book (I didn't know that there were so many characters until I read this book) and he can't wait to watch the Star Wars movie this December. ;)
Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2
Nathan's chubby arm and hand :)
Hello handsome little mister! :))
That little chubby tummy of his which I can't get enough of <3
"Don't take my photo!!" Haha too late, Shayne :P
Deciding which soft toy to give to his younger brother..

27 weeks baby bump <3
Last but not least, have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends! :)

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