Sunday, December 4, 2016

Carlton Hotel Staycation Part 1 + Halloween 2016!

 Hi there! Here are some of our photos during the first day and night of our staycation at Carlton Hotel. It was Natalie's first staycation, and our first staycation as a family of five. We were upgraded to the Premium Club room (FOC!) as the non-smoking deluxe rooms were all fully occupied when we checked in. ;) There was a separate lift lobby for the Premium rooms and we definitely felt quite privileged whenever we took the special lift. :D 

Nonetheless, here are some photos of our staycation, including some Halloween photos taken at the Ancient Civilisation Museum where it was a spookier (and more crowded) than we had expected it to be!

Family photo <3
view from our 17th storey room

Bathtub!! Everyone's favourite ;)
A mobile phone was given to each hotel guest, which has their in-house app promoting different attractions and restaurants of Singapore. *thumbs up*

Baby Natalie and me :)
checking out her new surroundings

#ootd from my favourite brand, Asos
Shayne brought along his skate-scooter for the staycation, he can't go anywhere without it nowadays :D
with Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of Singapore

We stayed at the Fullerton Hotel last year during Nathan's first birthday! You can read more about it here.
Finally, we reached the Ancient Civilization Museum! :)

There were several bloody ghosts/zombies walking around the museum and as it was too crowded, we decided to leave after just 20 min...

Fashion Week. Can you spot the people?
Back to our room..

#ootn from Topshop. Meoww

Happy Halloween from my family to yours!!
Good night, my sweethearts.. 
Part 2 of our staycation will be up soon. Have a good weekend! :)

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