Thursday, December 8, 2016


OMGGG. I chanced upon this blog post which I didn't publish previously (no idea why!) and the photos were taken LAST YEAR before I had Natalie! Nathan was only about a year old and Shayne was 7 years old. I believe it was taken during the National day period in 2015. We had lunch at Brewerkz (one of my favourite restaurants!) that day and decided to do some strolling/sight-seeing after that. Here are some of the photos of that day in 2015! :D

1 year old Nathan :)

Wearing red because it was a few days before National Day! ;)

My favourite buffalo wings!!! YUMMM.
Baby-wearing 1 year old Nathan :)
Happy Happy Shayne!
Happy SG50 sweets! #watermelonflavour
Handmade Minions sweets #pineappleflavour
"Mama can we leave now? I want to play outside," says Shayne :D
Lil Brother on the loose!!! When Nathan realised that he was in the middle of a BIG empty space, he started to become really excited and kept running everywhere. Haha.

Running and running
Checking out the messages and tiny locks of love...
Striking a pose! (look at his 'botak' head!!! hahaha my cute lil Nathan :))

We walked further down and when we walked past this little fountain area, both of them immediately entered in and walked around the area. They had a blast playing with the little fountains for about 20 minutes, especially Nathan, and he cried so hard when we carried him away to dry up. Haha.

Initially, Nathan was stunned by the wet floor and kept staring down while walking around...
But after a minute or two, both of them started to become more adventurous!

Playing and chasing each other ;)

Nathan's hair and bottom were soaking wet, but he was extremely happy! :D

A soaking wet baby and a protective brother <3 

So that marks the end of this 2015 post which I didn't publish, until now in Dec 2016! It must have slipped off my mind somehow... These 2 are now big brothers to Natalie and it's still kinda surreal how fast time flies and how fast my babies are growing up. *inserts super emo-teary emoticon* I'm so glad that I've got this blog to remind me of the happy memories of my family, especially with my littles ones. <3

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